White Mountain Trail System

White Mountain Trail System

White Mountain Trail System map (image)

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E: easy |
M: moderate |
D: Difficult
Billy Creek E E E .75 MAP GPX
Blue Ridge M D M 9.4 MAP GPX
Buena Vista M D M 9.7 MAP GPX
Chihuahua Pine Connector D D D 4.4 ​Map GPX
Chipmunk Springs Connector M M M 7.5 MAP GPX
Country Club M E E 3.3 MAP GPX
Flume Connector M M M 2.1 MAP GPX
Four Springs D D D 8.3 MAP GPX
General Crook Connector M D D 6 MAP GPX
Ghost of the Coyote D D M 13 MAP GPX
Ice Cave M D M 3.4 MAP GPX photo
Iron Horse Connector E E E 1.6 MAP GPX
Juniper Ridge M D M 12.6 MAP GPX
Land of the Pioneers M D D 8.7 MAP GPX photo-L18
Lookout Connector D D D 4 MAP GPX
Los Burros M M M 13 MAP GPX photo-LB8
Los Cabellos D D D 15.5 MAP GPX
Old Hatchery M D M .8 MAP GPX
Osprey M M M 2.5 MAP GPX photo
Panorama M M M 8.8 MAP GPX photo
Rim E N/A N/A .9 MAP
Sawmill Connector M D M 4.4 MAP GPX
Show Low Bluff E E N/A 1.1 MAP GPX
Springs E M E 3.6 MAP GPX photo
Timber Mesa M D M 7.7 MAP GPX photo
Woodland Lake Park E E E VARIOUS MAP GPX
White Mountain Trail System VARIOUS VARIOUS VARIOUS 89.2 Trails east of Hwy 60 &
north of Hwy 260 | MAP