Trail Crew

Volunteers help build and groom trails, usually once a week, with each person working at her/his level for about 2 – 3 hours. There are more than 200 miles of regional trails, with continual care and maintenance required. This hard work has paid off and we are proud to be listed as one of Arizona’s Premier Trail Systems by Arizona State Parks.

Trail Stewards

Monitor an assigned trail at least twice a year. Repair minor problems and notify the volunteer trail crew supervisor when the trail needs work. This can be done individually or as a team.

Trail Head Adopter

Be responsible for a trail access point, checking weekly, or frequently as needed, that the map box is replenished and pick up trash from around the kiosk. Notify the coordinator with the number of maps used, so she can keep an adequate supply at the town’s office. Report any issues regarding vandalism or needed repairs. Serve on the TRACKS board. If you have an interest in serving on the board, inform the president of your interest.

Roadside Cleanup

TRACKS has a one mile section on highway 60, north of the airport. Cleanup is done three times a year.

Special Events

There are a number of special events each year that need volunteers. Examples are the Tour of the White Mountains bike race or working a booth at events such as the Fall Artisans Festival, Game & Fish Expo, and many others. Once a member, you will receive emails requesting volunteers to help out with these events.

White Mountain Nature Center

We partner with the White Mountain Nature Center. If you are interested in volunteering there, contact them at https://whitemountainnaturecenter.org/


TRACKS is an entirely volunteer organization and we welcome new members. TRACKS volunteers and members are active in the community and committed to helping make our environment beautiful and enjoyable for all. If you would like more information on joining TRACKS, would like to subscribe, or have questions, please complete this form. If you have information about a maintenance issue on a trail, please include the code on the nearest coded diamond and attach a photo, if possible.